Bomberjackets are a great way to dress down and give any outfit a bit of an edge. I tried to stay in a two toned colour palette to bring all the details toegther. With a versatile item of clothing, there really are no fashion rules. Be brave and experiment- confidence and attitude are really all… KARL weiterlesen


Life is more comfortable in furry coats. They keep you warm while being on the same time stylish and surely a statement piece. You can wear these coats with absolutely everything you want. I went for a basic option while combing my furry coat with a mom jeans a whirt t-shirt. To just give that pop of… FURRY COAT weiterlesen


Navy is, undoubtedly one of my favourite colours and most worn all over the year by me. There are so many combinations and ways to wear this colour. It´s flexibility allows you to go a little crazy and extraordinary with the accessiores. So that´s why I added this statement cap to my look. Just love… N.A.V.Y weiterlesen


Hey lovely people! Here we go with a new outfit post,- the first one of the year! Wishing you all a year full of blessings, lots of love, good health, so much happiness, big accomlishments, new adventures, to think and dream bigger, quality time with family & friends and to always be kind to everyone… RECLAIMED VINTAGE weiterlesen