Hey lovely people, today my Fashion publication is dedicated to one of the main trends this summer. – Colour-blocking trend is a combination of one, two ore tree bright colours, which are significantly girl dressed like a traffic light. For me it was important to keep the rest of the look minimalistic.                                                         … COLOUR-BLOCK weiterlesen


  Hey lovely People,considering that the ever-divisive Overall trend typically is associated with childern, house painting, or ´90s hip-hop has-beens, it´s no wonder that the thought of wearing them in a chic, polished manner is enough to give us pause.However there are ways to style the humble Overall so that it´s more chic than „ick“.… DENIM OVERALL weiterlesen


    Hey lovely People, Grey is a fairly non-discript colour on its own. I decided to chose garments that are very similar in tone but combine a lot of different textures to create interest and avoid an Overall „flatness“. I was wearing                                                       Top: Bershka                                                        Skirt: Zara                                                    Shoes: Topshop                                                      Bag: Promod