Today´s post deals with giving an outfit a kind of sportiv touch. First it was the Sweatshirt, then the Baseball cap, and now it is the sneaker. Sporty staples are front and center and we are not mad about it. Ladies integrate atheletic footwear into your everyday look, they´re entirely inspiring ways for that. Even if you don´t fancy yourself the sporty type, I swear the sneaker can become a part of your go-to shoe collection.

I was wearing

Sneakers: Lacoste

Coat: Zara

Blouse: Mango

Shorts: Esprit

Bag: Mint&Berry

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Autumn is almost here, so what´s hot when it comes to fall fashion ?

I think it is leather, you have to have a piece of it. Do it however you want. I decided to wear a leather-leggings and combine it with a flowery loose jacket. It is fun watching how summer pieces can be worn in autumn just by mixing with a few fall trends.

I was wearing

Leather-jeggins: Asos

Floral-Jacket: (Self-made)

Sandesl: Zign

Bag: Even&Odd

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The colours I enjoy wearing the most are nude tones you can easily combine them with almost everything. In my case I decided to wear them with a striped long sleeve top which also is a good basic. It´s definitely one of this versaitle pieces that will never ever go out of style and you can count on when everything else fails.

I was wearing

Basic suit: Only

Slippers: Zara

Striped top: Mango

Bag: L.credi

DSC_0043 DSC_0044 DSC_0054 DSC_0069 DSC_0072 DSC_0093 DSC_0116 DSC_0130 lala




Hey lovely people !

Today´s post is all about printed shorts. They are fun and in  a slightly roomy fit, highly flattering. If you don´t want to look bare, Balance out all that gorgeous leg with a longer sleeve. Illustrated with all manner of motifs, including cheeky animal prints, picturesque beach scenes and geometric Patterns, these shorts are as stylish as they are eye-catching. A pitch-perfect choice for sun-soaked afternoons and balmy nights.

I was wearing

Shorts: Essentiel

Top: Zara

Blazer: H&M

Sandels: Buffulo

Bag: DanielRay

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