Green is a beautiful, sophisticated colour for the cold months, but for some reason it is still quite underworn. A black winter coat is versatile–you can weat it to work or going out and it goes with everything. But wearing one also means that you´ll be lost in a sea of black coat wearers. Thank godness for bright coats! I decided to wear the green coat, whatever you choose, go ahead and wear some colour!

I was wearing

Green coat: Khujo

Sweater: S.Oliver

Jeans: Esprit

Sandels: Bugatti

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Weither you´re the classic girly „girl“ or live on the edge, there are easy ways to incorporate these whisper-light and soft hues into your winter wardrobe. These items are timeless enough that you can wear them year after year, yet when styled just right, they´re also super trendy and cool. In my case I paired a few different pastel colours together for a soft yet bold look.

I was wearing

Coat&Pants: Zara

Sweater: Only

Sneakers: Lacoste

DSC_0875_1 IMG_20150212_120420 DSC_0907_1 DSC_0912_1



Leather shorts are the ultimate transition item: a fabric made to keep you warm in a silhouette meant to show some Skin. If you have not yet decided which model of shorts to buy, then I suggest you turn your attention to the dark colours  (in my case thery´re olive-green). Let´s just take as truth-no one wears leather shorts over his naked body in cold weather, it´s assumed that you will wear under them tights or leggings. So I did- I wore some clear-coloured tights. For cold seasons is worth to pay attention to the short leather shorts with a high waist. Especially if you are planning to put on a short jacket.

I was wearing

Leather shorts: Zara

Tights: H&M

Top: Only

Jacket: (Selfmade)

Coat: By Malene Birger

Sneakers: Zanotti(via Asos)

Bag: Vintage

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Everyone´s going crazy for nude colour pallettes lately. The winter whites phenomen is catching on for many good reasons. First off, nudes are very delicate and feminine, adding that soft and ethereal quality to any look. It´s very subtle yet elegant and classy.

Secondly it is a new and refreshing Option to the expected all black everything look.

I was wearing

Pants: Mexx

Sweater: S.Oliver

Sneakers: Kennel&Schmenger

Coat: Hallhuber

Fur Scarf: Forever 21

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Once the domain of Rockstars, leather pants have become a wardrobe staple that even the most conservative dressers can pull off.  The redundancy of some trends may be annoying at some point, but then there are those Trends we can never get enough of. I´ve been dying to find the perfect pair of leather pants. I had the itch and it wouldn´t go away until I scratched it.

I was wearing

Leather pants: Rebecca Minkoff

Jacket: Sandro Paris

Boots: Zara

Bag: Vintage

DSC_0570 DSC_0572 DSC_0580 DSC_0591 DSC_0608 DSC_0616 DSC_0626



An example of a key floral-printed piece of clothing is ofcourse, a miniskirt. There can be several stylish answers to the fashion question „What should I wear with a floral printed skirt?“ Well, I went the simple route and chose basics with it. Some floral prints will be delicate and subtle, while others may be bold and vibrant. Make sure you choose a print that you really love and that fits your style and body type, as florals aren´t always easy to wear.

I was wearing

Floral skirt: Moshiki skirt

Sweater: Only

Coat: Asos

Tights: H&M

Boots: Zign

Bag: Bugatti

DSC_0637 DSC_0679 DSC_0682 DSC_0692 DSC_0699




I rarely incoporte pink into my wardrobe. I dismissed the colour as soon as it was infront of me, but I´ve recently felt the urgue to give it another try. There´s nothing wrong with showing off a bit of a girly side to your style and adding in a pop of pink here or there is probably one of the easiest ways to do it. This season, I am especially loving many shades of pink and rose and the softness they add to an everyday look.

The key is not to over do it. Too much of any one colour can be harsh, so it´s all about adding in Little bits to give a softer and brighter feel to your look.

I was wearing

Scarf: Bloom

Coat: Hallhuber

Pants: Mango(Basics)

Boots: Esprit

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