Leather shorts are the ultimate transition item: a fabric made to keep you warm in a silhouette meant to show some Skin. If you have not yet decided which model of shorts to buy, then I suggest you turn your attention to the dark colours  (in my case thery´re olive-green). Let´s just take as truth-no one wears leather shorts over his naked body in cold weather, it´s assumed that you will wear under them tights or leggings. So I did- I wore some clear-coloured tights. For cold seasons is worth to pay attention to the short leather shorts with a high waist. Especially if you are planning to put on a short jacket.

I was wearing

Leather shorts: Zara

Tights: H&M

Top: Only

Jacket: (Selfmade)

Coat: By Malene Birger

Sneakers: Zanotti(via Asos)

Bag: Vintage

   DSC_0809_1 DSC_0816_1 DSC_0824_1 DSC_0834_1 DSC_0837_1 DSC_0838_1 DSC_0842_1 DSC_0846_1


14 Kommentare zu „LEATHER SHORTS

  1. Nice! I really love the olive tones of this look. I need to broaden my shorts inventory so I’m considering leather shorts. They look great on you 🙂


  2. I love your style! I’ve been following you via bloglovin for some months now. I try to imagine your outfit when I read the title, but your looks are always so creative and diverse, they can’t be predicted! Love the shorts!

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