Vests have excellent layering capabilities and give an instant spiff to your outfit. I think that vests (second to cardigans) are some of those pieces that can transform your clothes into multiple outfits. I love vests because you can basically throw them over anything and instantly make an outfit more intresting. It´s definitely something you… THE VEST weiterlesen


Polka dots are a fun print that adds whimsy to any ensemble. There´s something for everyone with this trend, whether it´s a piece of clothing or an accessory. Polka dots are taking on a more grown-up look for spring, covering everything. Whether they´re big or small, bright or neutral, these charming dots are making a… DOTTED weiterlesen


Hey lovely people! Today´s post deals with this amazing floral dress. I love to wear floral printed dresses, skirts and shirts because they look very feminine, girly and ladylike. I think the key to wear this print is not to overdo it- chose one single floral printed item and stick to it while keeping the… FLORAL DRESS weiterlesen


  I started with one Piece and decided to build my look around it. It all started with this yellow skirt which I love. It has a very contemporary feminine quality, with the structure, fit, print and how effortlessly it moved I just so liked so much.  It really rediates this casual sophistication that is both romantic and… A HINT OF SPRING weiterlesen