Statement necklaces have been a huge trend for a while now and it doesn´t seem like they´re going anywhere any time soon. For good reason, too. The right statement necklace can bring any outfit to the next level. A really glam one can transform a plain outfit into something special. My favourite way to wear Statement necklaces is to pair them with something basic, like a plain dress or t-shirt. They´re such an easy way to dress up something simple. Here is my idea of wearing this beautiful statement necklace. I got mine from and fall in love with the pretty piece. They have a big collection of jewellery and clothes! The item I ordered arrived very fast (worldwide shipping free) and was so lovely packed, so that I´ll gladly order any time again.

The best thing about shopping their is that you´ll get something back. They have an Reward Program which means that can earn points for every 1€ you spend online. Below I´ll share the link to a video with detailed informations about how you can receive a free gift of your choice through collecting the points.

I was wearing

Statement necklace:

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Lately I was on the search and I discovered this website where you can make your own stickers! It´s is possible to design whatever you like to, there are no limits. If you don´t have the time or just don´t know how, choose from their huge sticker collection. I got a costomized example from their and I love it. Just wanted to show what you´re able to create. The product itself arrived very quickly (free shipping) and I was pleased that it was sturdy, high photo quality and that the design was printed really well.

The best thing comes now!!

You can visit their website on order a sticker design and you´ll get 20% off only with this code:


Enjoy the designing and the buy so much as I did.

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As the stickers are personalized I thought what about answering some personal things you asked me on instagram (@elmundooo). I picked out 5 of them and will tagge the person to whom the questions belongs.

Here we go:

1. Where are you from?

–> Germany

2. What do your fear most?

–> Rats!

3. Favorite quote?

–> Do what you love, and love what you do! I think it is very important to fallow your own way and to leave some footprint behind.

4.What is your favourite vacation spot?

—> Italy! There are many things I love about this country. Just few exampels: -nature-food-people-

5.Who is your favourite movie star (male&female)?

—> Male: Jude Law

Female: Julia Roberts




You can´t really think of spring without thinking of florals-and in Addition to wearing the print on dresses and tops, I love the way it looks in a pant too. It is one of my favourite combination. The look just screams spring and although it isn´t for the satorially timid, it´s a fun, fresh way to wear prints. In my case I paired my florals with some heels -and went easy on the accessoires!

I was wearing

Floral Pants: Boss Orange

Top: Vero Moda

Heels: Hallhuber

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An easy neutral outfit that took me from a meeting to a lunch date with friends. You can throw on a distressed denim jacket for a more relaxed look!

I was wearing

Top: Forever21

Shorts: Esprit

Denim Jacket: S.Oliver

Sandels: Kickers

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Embrace denim´s natural simplicity and wear your Jeans as a blank cancas. Pair your blues with a clean-cut neutral top that gets dressed up with anything-but-Basic accesoires. In my case I went for a crip button-down Shirt. It is a no-fail piece for the office and if you´re off work, so you also can add a pop of colour(heels).

I was wearing

Denim: Topshop

White Shirt: Comma

Jacket: Edited the Label

Heels: Jimmy Choo

Statement Necklace: Oasis

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