Gladiators are comfortable, versatile and look good. Their versatility could take them from casual to elegant in just the change of an outfit or sandel finish. When wearing medium(mid-calf) to knee-high lenght Gladiator sandels, always think about balance of the entire look. These call  for being the whole point of attention of your outfit, so don´t overdo the clothing and accessories, and just focus on the sandels.

I was wearing

Gladiator sandels: Mango

Skirt: Mint&Berry

T-shirt: Esprit

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I am in love with the sporty chic trend which has been around for some time and keeps taking the Spotlight every now and then. Clean, modern and minimal with zero fuss. New season sport is less Olympian and more street. When pulling off the sporty-chic trend, I like having more chic pieces on me than sporty ones. I think that an overdose of sporty elements would make me look off balance and I might as well go exercise since I look like I´ve dressed for it.

There many, many ways to wear this kind of outfit and

I am sure you´ll rock it on your very own way.

I was wearing

Shorts: S.Oliver

Top: Topshop

Blazer: Zara

Sandels: Esprit

Bag: Vintage

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TENS sunglasses


„Filter your world“ !

Today´s post deals with the incredible sunglasses from tens. A group of four creatives from Scotland imagined Tens during a road trip through the grey-skied Highlands. They created a way to filter our view and developed the perfect sence-hightening lens tint. It´s essentially, a real life photo filter.

The view really is full of clarity and colour, making everday life look and feel „ten“ times better.

Get the chance to filter your world by choosing sunglasses from their huge and brand new collection.

I was wearing:

TENS sunglasses:

Shirt: Mango

Jeans: Zara

Bag: Gina Tricot

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There´s nothing like an amazing pair of heels but lately I´ve been living in flats! When I run errands now, flats are my go-to shoes. They´re comfortable and the right pair can make your outfit look super chic.

If you want both stylish and high quality shoe than you have to check out the new brand . The shoes are handmade and out of soft leather with a wooden heel to give the clickm while the rubber sole provides comfort. I got the shoes  within 2 days without any shipping cost!

I was wearing


Dress: Zara

Fringe Vest: Forever21

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It´s still that in-between weather when you want to wear something light but can´t pull out your summer clothes just yet. That´s where this maxidress comes in. This floor-sweeping style is the signature piece of clothing for boho style.

I was wearing

Boho dress: Ivko

Leather-jacket: Freaky Nation

Sandels: Pier One

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Stripes and Overalls! Could you ask for more? Blue jean overalls made a huge comeback this year, but now I have my eyes on the black styles. With their rise in popularity, I´ve been spotting many different ways to wear overalls lately. A comon choice is to stick to a fairly casual look. However, they can be dressed up to create a much more polished appearance.

I was wearing

Overall: Supertrash

Top: Warehouse

Sandels: New Look

Bag: Gypsy River

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