There are palm trees on my shirt and I love it !

A tropical print doesn´t require jetting off to an exotic island, you simply need to work it into a stylish outfit. Because a tiki-inspired print can get kitshy quickly. In my case I paired a Hawaiian-print button-down shirt with shorts.

Embrace the island vibes and pair your leafy top on your own way.

Palm tree shirt: H&M (menswear)

Shorts: Zara

Bag: Vintage

Sandels: Even&Odd

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Sure, everyone loves black, but as it turns out, brown is just as versaitile, plus a lot less predictable. I think it makes a great replacement for your standard-issue black. In my case I added a grey crop-top and a Pop of colour through the flats. These colours bring a cool vibe to my chocolate brown skirt.

I was wearing

Skirt: H&M

Crop-top: Breshka

Flats: Baffulo

Bag: Tommy Hilfinger




Hi lovely people!

Here is another blogpost shooted a few days ago. I wanted to show the beautiful streets of Ibiza, where it was so easy to find pretty places to make some pictures. The outfit I was wearing was all about the pretty blue top I got from @thepineapplelife. I perfectly suited to the denim shorts, all in all the look had the visual appearance of a overall.

I was wearing

Blue top: @thepineapplelife

Shorts: Esprit

Sandels: Mango

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Today´s outfit post deals with this lovely white shirt. You can wear a crisp white shirt in so many ways-tucked, untucked, wrapped, layered, sleeves rolled-with everything from jeans to a ball shirt. That´s why every girl should have one in her closet.

I prefer a mix of sexy and casual-perfect for the summer! The Shirt I wear is from a new german brand called „LEA FASHIONCLUB“ . They have a super cute collection of accessoires and fashion items. Every single piece is  hand-made, and just perfect for summer!

I was wearing

White Shirt:

Shorts: Mango

Sneakers: Buffalo

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Maxi dresses/skirts are one of my best wardrobe staple during spring and summer. I think they´re easy to style with anything and incredibly comfy. The maxi dress is a great choice for both day and evening. Because of the heat during the day it was important for me that the dress has a relaxed silhoutte. The formula for wearing maxis is simple: pick the right fabric (often cotton), correct shoes (flats) and personality showing detials (jewellery).

I was wearing

Floral Dress: Superdry

Sandels: Mango

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Hey lovely people,

hope you´re all well and enjoying the sunny days as much as I do. Firstly I want to talk about the location, San Antonio, Ibiza does offer something for everybody, with a great variety of accommodation and entertainment. This place is famous for its sunsets and for being one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, with a relaxed friendly atmosphere. By day, you are never far from a beach and at night there´s plenty to do and see.

As you guys know I love wearing overalls, I like the fact how easy you can pull them off. I think the hardest part of wearing short overalls is how to style them. Finding the perfect top to wear undeneath , is the most important  and difficult thing. In my case I decided to go for a casual white t-shirt from a new brand called @THE PINEAPPLE LIFE. You have to check out their instagram account, they have a huge collection of cool, new and fresh shirt designs.

I was wearing

White T-shirt: @THEPINEAPPLELIFE (instagram)

Short denim Overall: Pull&Bear

Sunglasses: Wood Fellas