Paul´s Boutique Bag


Hey lovely people,

today´s post deals with the international premium accessoires brand- Their eye-catching and bold designs made me to carry this amazing versatile bag from the current autumn collection. I love the fact of having a high quality piece while it is stylish at the same time. Perfect for me- and my everyday life 🙂

I was wearing


Sneaker: Adidas Originals

Black dress: Kiomi

Coat: Hallhuber

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Today´s post deals with a special jewellry line- the sisco&berluti braclets. You can buy them in sets of 7 braclets, every set represents a new collection, which embraces so much creativity. They´re so many colours, shapes and designs to chose from. I felt in love when I got my braclets, every single one is gorgeous! I decided to wear them all together, while bringing some main accents to my outfit.

So what are waiting for, visit the highly sought-after brand and discover the insider tip.

I was wearing

Pants: Zara

Top: New Look

Sandels: Zara


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Can you wear a hat with a dress? The answer is „yes“! It is a great way to dress up your outfit by  reducing the rest of the accessoires as well as your makeup. I went for a girly, coulorful dress which I think stands perfectly in contrast with the masculine hat. For adding more clearness I chose to wear my shoes and the bag in the same colour (black) as the hat.

I was wearing

Dress: Paramita

Sandels: Dorothy Perkins

Hat: Forever21

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Pencil skirts are a wardrobe must-have. They instantly whittle your waist, enhance curves, let you appear slimmer and look chic no matter what occasion your going to attend. I wore my pencil skirt with a crop top which I guess adds more effortlessness to the style.

I was wearing

Pencil-skirt: Miss Selfridge

Crop-top: Breshka

Sandels: Even&Odd

Bag: L.credi

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